Comparing Canvas Canopies: Things To Look For

A canvas canopy tent can provide so much convenience. You can put it up in your backyard before a party, giving guests a place to gather. You can pop it up when it's raining and use it to protect items you don't want to get wet. As you begin to shop for canvas canopies, one thing will become clear: there are lots of options. So, how do you go about picking one? Start by looking for these features and options.

Thicker Canvas

Thicker canvas does make for a heavier tent. But unless you are buying the biggest canopy tent of them all, the weight won't make too much of a difference in how easy the tent is to handle. Thicker canvas will, however, do a better job of stopping the rain. Since it is thicker and more durable, the rain will run off it better instead of pushing down on the canvas and forming puddles. A thicker canvas tent is also less likely to be torn by tree branches and the like.

Stainless Steel Poles

You don't want the poles that hold up your canopy tent to rust or bend. So, look for ones made from stainless steel. Some cheaper canopy tents will have aluminum legs, but the only real advantage of these is that they are lightweight. They are much more likely to bend and bow than stainless steel legs, and although aluminum does not rust, it can corrode over time.

Good Storage Bag

How does the tent fold up to store? If possible, buy a canvas canopy tent that comes with its own carrying bag. The tent should fit inside this bag with a little room to spare. This way, if you do not fold it up perfectly every time, you will still be able to fit it inside the bag. Avoid tents that don't have any extra room in the bag, as they can be harder to fit back inside. Also, pay attention to how the bag can be carried. If possible, you want a bag that you can sling over your shoulder, which will allow you to take the tent with you.

As you browse your options for canvas canopy tents, make sure you look for the features above. Each one makes the tent more usable, which means you're likely to use the tent more often. It will become a versatile, appreciated part of your life. 

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