What Are Your Options For Window Film?

Are you looking to add window film to your home or business, but are feeling confused by all of the options out there? It will help you to know the differences between the window films that are out there.

White Frost Film

A white frost window film is going to do an excellent job at adding privacy to your home. This makes it a great choice to install over windows that go to a bathroom, a private office, or any other area where you want natural light without the ability to see through the glass at any time of day. In addition, white frost window film has the ability to block heat and UV rays for added benefits. 

Reflective Film

A reflective film is going to give your window a mirror tint. It kind of resembles a one-way mirror, because you can let people see out but not see in through a window. Be aware that you'll have plenty of privacy during the day, but it will be the opposite at night when the interior room is lit up. These reflective films tend to block a lot of heat compared to other types of window films and block those UV rays that can damage carpet and furniture. 

Clear Ceramic Film

As the name implies, a clear ceramic film is not going to look like you have a window film installed at all. While it doesn't change the look of the glass, its primary job is to block heat. You can purchase clear ceramic film at various densities, which will darken the glass and block more heat. It all depends on what your personal preferences are. 

Glare Reduction Film

Consider a glare reduction film when you have an office setting with a lot of windows. The glare reduction film is going to cut down on the light that reflects off of TVs and computer monitors. While this film reduces a small amount of heat, the main purpose is to reduce glare. However, it will still block harmful UV rays. 

Security Film

The purpose of having a security film is that it is going to strengthen the glass in case someone tries to break in through the glass. Instead of having the glass shatter and fall to the floor, the film helps hold the window together and adds more strength. Most security films come in a clear ceramic look, but you can also find them with darkening properties that reduce the heat transfer as well. 

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