Why You May Want A Glass Patio Cover For Your Home

If you'd like to get more enjoyment from your patio, consider having a cover installed. There are various patio covers made from different materials, but glass is a good choice. Here's why.

Glass Doesn't Obstruct Your View

If you have a beautiful view from your patio, you may not want a cover made of metal or fabric blocking your view. With glass, you can see above and all around you so you can admire the scenery all seasons of the year and day or night.

Glass Allows Natural Light to Shine Through

Another problem with metal or fabric covers is they block the light. This can make your patio seem dreary on cloudy days, and those covers can even keep natural light out of your house. Glass provides protection from the elements while allowing maximum natural light to shine through.

Since light isn't blocked, more light can shine through your patio doors and illuminate the inside of your home, which you may appreciate during the winter months.

Glass Can Block UV Rays

It might seem like a glass roof would be hot in the summer, but there are options in glass patio covers that can block UV rays and reduce solar heating. The glass can be covered with film that blocks the sun. However, the film can be clear so it doesn't affect your view or the amount of light that shines through. This gives you the benefit of glass without worry over UV rays harming your furniture or heating up your patio.

Glass Covers Can Be Used As a Sunroom

Depending on the type of glass patio cover you buy, you might consider adding retractable glass walls to the cover so you have a glass sunroom that offers the utmost protection from rain, chilly breezes, hot outdoor temperatures, and insects. The doors or screens can be opened when you want a breeze and full access to the outdoors and closed again when you want to secure your patio or when you need protection from bugs in the evening.

Glass Protects You From Rain and Sun

You can buy wood lattice covers that provide partial shade, but these let rain through and can block your view. A glass patio cover is a solid cover that shields you from the rain and also offers protection from the sun due to the film on the glass. This allows you to enjoy being on your patio when it rains or when it's hot and sunny outside.

You'll get more use from your patio and can extend your outdoor season for as long as possible when you're protected by a sturdy patio cover that's also an attractive addition to your home.