4 Fast Facts of Granite Countertops You Should Know

You are in the middle of renovating your kitchen, and one big choice has to be made: what type of countertops do you want? Granite is usually one of the first countertop materials to come to mind for many reasons. Here is a look at a few fast facts you should know about granite countertops before you go with this option. 

1. Every granite slab is unique. 

You may see a neighbor's granite or a friend's granite and just love how it has tiny flecks of gold-hued spots randomly or deep-colored slate veins throughout. Even though traits like these are common with granite, you do have to keep in mind that granite is always going to have its own unique appearance and traits. If you go to pick out a granite slab at the retailer, you will notice they have multiple slabs stacked so customers can take a look at each one. These slabs may have been harvested from the same area, or even the same large stone, but they can all look slightly different. 

2. Picking the right installer is critical. 

Granite countertops can look rather simple to install, but there is actually a lot that goes into the overall project and picking a good installer is a must. The smallest issues during installation can be nagging problems later on. For example, if the countertop is not properly seated against the wall, you can have a small gap that catches every crumb, which would be rather annoying to deal with through the years. 

3. Small details make all the difference. 

Choosing the corner and edge cuts of your new granite may seem like a small detail, but these little things can really make a big difference. For example, something like a beveled edge on a piece of granite can really give the piece that classic look, but a more defined straight cut is going to be more minimalistic or modern in appearance. 

4. Granite needs attention, but it's worth it. 

Yes, your new granite countertops will require a little added care compared to synthetic material, but it is so worth it. For example, you may have to avoid using certain chemical cleaners on the slab, and you may have to have the slab of granite polished and sealed occasionally. However, what you get in return is a highly durable, incredibly beautiful piece that can last the lifetime of your home. 

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