Consequences Of Not Building A Retaining Wall

When it comes to building a retaining wall, there's little doubt that some property owners do so solely for the visual appeal that this element provides. However, there are others who need to build retaining walls for functional reasons. If you're in the latter situation, it's important to hire a contractor to build your retaining wall promptly. While doing so can be a considerable financial investment, it's one that you need to make. Failing to build retaining walls where there's a need for one can result in the following undesirable outcomes. 

Soil Loss

One of the big issues of not having a retaining wall when there's a need for one is that you'll lose soil. This might not seem like a major deal to you, but you should be concerned about it. For example, if your yard slopes down toward your property line, erosion will cause the yard to lose soil as it slowly moves downhill. Eventually, much of your soil may end up on your neighbor's property, which could create a conflict with him or her. This can also cause you to have to invest in the delivery of soil to replace that which you've lost because of not having a retaining wall.

Possible Injuries

In extreme cases, a retaining wall can prevent rocks and other heavy elements from sliding down a slope where they could cause injuries to people below. For example, if your property is elevated above a walking path to its rear, soil erosion over time could potentially result in boulders, tree limbs, and other heavy things rolling down the slope and hurting someone on the path below. This, of course, could lead to legal issues for you. A retaining wall can go a long way toward lowering this risk.

Property Line Confusion

Sometimes, people who live next to one another can be confused about where exactly the property line is situated. Generally, there's a painted marker in the ground, but it's not always visible. Although you should never build a retaining wall until you're absolutely certain of the property line's position, having this wall built can reduce any confusion about where your yard begins and your neighbor's yard ends. This may help to alleviate any squabbles that you've had with each other over the years. An experienced contractor who has performed a variety of landscaping tasks, including building various types of retaining walls, is someone with whom you should speak if you believe there's a need to have this wall built.