Unique Ideas for Wedding Tables Centerpieces

If you are hoping to plan and assemble the decor for your own wedding, one of the main components of the decor is table centerpieces. These will tie into the theme of the wedding and add interest to each table for your guests. Because of budget constraints or design preferences, you might not want to do traditional flower centerpieces. Why not get creative with centerpieces? Here are some interesting ideas that you can use for your wedding. 

1. Just greenery instead of flowers

If you're avoiding having too many flowers at the wedding but you still want a botanical look, why not have vases full of greenery instead? Leaves and grasses can be gorgeous, especially in beautiful, colorful vases to match your wedding colors. You can buy decorative, colorful glass vases online to get a feel for what it would look like to have greenery-only centerpieces. You might even decide to mix and match vases for a more rustic-chic design. 

2. Board games

Are you and your partner really interested in playing board games? Maybe game nights brought you closer together in your relationship. Why not have tables with different games, such as Scrabble, Risk, Settlers of Catan, and Cranium? Guests can play if they want to, providing some entertainment during the dining and visiting of the reception. This would be both a memorable centerpiece and one that celebrates your interests together. 

3. Live fish

Instead of a vase of flowers, you might instead have a vase with a fish. Choose fish, like bettas, that are colorful and enjoy being alone. Before deciding on this cool idea, however, make sure you ask friends and family before the wedding if they'd be willing to take the fish home from the wedding as a pet. You don't want any fish to be homeless after the wedding. 

4. Stacks of books

Are you passionate about reading and literature? Why not use books as the centerpiece for each table? You might stack three or four books and then finish the stack with a faux candle or a small bundle of greens and flowers. To complement the books, why not have each guest's name card have a literary quote on the back about weddings, love, marriage, or future dreams? You can get plenty of inspiration for quotes from literature throughout history. 

5. A log slice with candles

Does your wedding have a more rustic design? Embrace the rustic feel by using slices of a log (tree cookies) to sit in the middle of the table. Top the log with candles of different heights. This is a great design option for a nighttime celebration that is outdoors. The candles provide excellent mood lighting, and they look beautiful. This option is also great for your budget because candles and wood slices are much less expensive than flowers. If you want to protect the candles, why not set them in shallow colored glass vases? The colored vases can give the light a tinted hue, which will only add to the ambiance. 

6. Cakes

A huge tiered wedding cake can be expensive, and it might not be what you envisioned for your wedding. Why not kill two birds with one stone? Instead of having one huge cake, place a smaller cake that is made to serve 8–10 guests on each table. Each cake will be its own centerpiece. Just make sure there are serving utensils available on each table as well. And if you still want the experience of cutting the cake with your partner, have a tiny, two-person cake just for the two of you to cut and serve to one another. 

Your wedding centerpieces can look lovely, even if they are not traditional. Consider using one of these ideas for your own wedding.