Are You Remodeling Your Living Room?

Have you moved into an older home that needs to have some work done before you'll be totally happy with it? For example, maybe you loved the floor plan of the older home you selected, but the living room is too small and you have the option of enlarging it. Or, it might be that you have lived in your house for a long time and you have decided that it's time to give your living room a new look. Whatever the situation that is inspiring you to remodel your living room, from selecting a fireplace for the room to buying new accent pieces, here are some ideas that might help you design an attractive room that you will enjoy for many years.

Make a Fireplace the Focal Point

As you have gone through home decorating magazines, have you seen living rooms that have gorgeous fireplaces as part of their design? If so, you might have decided that you want a fireplace as the focal point in your own newly remodeled living room. If there is not a lot of space in the room, consider buying a small fireplace that is intricate in its design. For example, a fireplace with flowers carved into the wood would add drama to the room. 

If your living room has a lot of space in it, consider buying a fireplace that will take up almost all of one of the living room walls. For example, a stone fireplace would be sensational in an extra large living room. Or, for even more interest in the design of your fireplace, put stone and brick together. 

Add Accent Pieces

Are you buying brand-new furniture, or are you keeping the furniture you already have? Either way, think of how you can add interest to the furniture. For example, if your furniture has plain-colored fabric as the upholstery, think of buying throw pillows that will add to the decor. For an elegant look, think of buying throw pillows in paisley or floral designs. For a more casual look, consider throw pillows that have fun sayings on them. For example, if you are married, buy throw pillows that have words like Mr. and Mrs. or His and Hers as part of the design.

Think of what you love as you decorate. For example, if you love to travel, select paintings or prints of places like Paris or Rome to frame for your living room. If you love the beach, consider buying things like decorative lighthouses and sailboats to put in strategic places in your remodeled living room.