Why You Should Consider Using Multiple Keys For Your Facility

If you own a facility with a large number of locks, you may be tempted to use the same key for all of your locks. This is much more convenient, but there may also be downsides to this approach that might affect the security of your business. 

Change Only One Lock

When one of your keys falls into the wrong hands, you may find yourself in a much more difficult situation. The individual with the key will be able to access every door at your facility. Also, you will need to replace all of the locks at your facility rather than simply replacing the lock that corresponds with the lost key.

Control Access

 Keeping track of each unique key can be time-consuming, but is worthwhile. For example, if your facility has a problem with employee theft, you could give only certain employees access to certain areas so you know which employees can be responsible for the theft of a particular item.

Use Key Codes

One option is to go with keyless locks. A keyless lock could use a key code that is entered by a customer. Key codes can be changed regularly to make sure that only those who are authorized will know a particular key code. Also, key codes can be handy, because employees do not have to worry about forgetting their keys. If an employee forgets a key code, he or she can request to have it emailed to him or her.

Use Key Cards

A key card is another option when avoiding the hassle of multiple keys. Each key card can be programmed to only work with a particular lock. It can later be reprogrammed to work with a different lock. Because each individual key card is inexpensive, it isn't much of a problem if an employee forgets to turn in his or her key card. 

Be Careful with a Single Lock

Despite the advantages, you might want to rely on traditional locks and may not want to walk around with a ring of keys. In those circumstances, make sure that you change your locks if you discover that a key has gone missing.

One of the worst places to purchase the same type of lock is from a big box store. Someone could watch you purchase the lock and could purchase the same type of lock. They may then use the key to access the locks on your property. For that reason, rather than relying on big box stores, you are best off hiring a locksmith who can make sure that you have different locks for all of your doors.