3 Tips To Keep Mosquitoes From Invading Your Water Structures This Summer

One of the most refreshing ways to cool off on a hot summer day is to take a dip in the pool or go for a trek down the slip and slide. However, these fun water activities can attract mosquitoes to your outdoor space if you don't take the necessary precautions. Read on to learn a few simple tips you can follow to keep mosquitoes away from your water structures

1. Run the Pump on Your Pool

Mosquitoes are typically attracted to bodies of standing, stagnant water. If you have a pool, run the pump as much as possible. This will keep the water properly circulating, making it an unattractive spot for mosquitoes to breed.

If you have a pool that is too small for a pump, you can ward off mosquitoes by dumping the water out each night. Should your kids decide to take a break from their water fun during the day, cover the pool with a fitted cover. Not only will these prevent mosquitoes from moving in, but it will also keep other insects and debris from dirtying the water. 

When emptying the water, make sure to dump it in an area where it will be quickly absorbed. You can also recycle the water and use it to water you plants. 

2. Empty and Dry Plastic Surfaces

At the end of your water fun, it is essential to rid any plastic surfaces of standing water and spread them out so that they can dry. This rule applies to slip and slides, pool floats, water tables, and other pool toys that could possibly hold water. Larger pieces, such as long slip and slides, are notorious for having multiple crevices where water can pool. Ideally, you should completely turn the piece over to ensure that all of the water empties.

If you cover your pool when it is not in use, take steps to keep your cover dry, as rainwater and dew can quickly accumulate. One way to keep your cover free of moisture is to dry the cover off each day with a towel. You can also remove the water by vacuuming it up with a shop vac.

3. Keep Surrounding Greenery Trimmed

Tall grass and unchecked plants are known for creating areas where water can pool. Fortunately, you can prevent this from happening by regularly mowing your yard and trimming your other greenery. Overgrown yards are a terrific hiding place for mosquitoes who are looking for prime breeding grounds.

For more tips on keeping your yard mosquito free this summer, contact companies like Houston Misting.