Adding A Deck To Your Home? A Few Reasons To Use Composite Materials

Having a deck on your home creates a wonderful place to enjoy a meal or small gathering or to just relax on a nice day or evening. As you look over plans and talk with contractors, you will need to consider what materials to use for the project. While many people will use natural wood, you may want to consider using composite wood instead. Here are just a few reasons to do this.


Technology has made composite more durable than natural wood. It will not rot or splinter. It is virtually weather-resistant, so there will be no need to cover or protect it during the rain or snow seasons. In addition, you can purchase composite materials that have added UV protection so they will not fade as the sun beats down on them.


Natural wood planks will need to be sealed every couple of years. In addition, the whole deck will need to be sanded and stained occasionally. While you can do this work yourself to save money, it will still add to the cost of your deck. On the other hand, a composite deck can be easily washed when it gets dirty or covered in pollen. As long as you clean it regularly, there should not be a problem with mold or mildew. If you do find some mildew or mold, a mildew cleaning solution can be used in the water to kill it, and it can be scraped off without damaging the deck. However, scraping mildew from natural wood would cause splinters.


Composite planks are lighter than natural wood. This means a smaller substructure can be used to support the deck. This leaves the area underneath more open and available for storage. In addition, you won't have to worry about the beams holding the deck sinking into the ground, causing the deck to be unlevel.


Natural wood is more prone to insect infestations than composite. If there is any scratch or break in the sealant, bugs may find a way into the wood to set up a colony. These pests will destroy the wood, so it will need to be replaced.

If you are having a deck built, you want it to be level, stable, and nice-looking for many years. While composite decking may cost more initially, the durability and low maintenance costs will make up for it over the years. You won't have to worry about the deck being unusable for extended periods of time while it is being repaired or resealed when you have one made of composite materials.