Tasks To Complete Before An Overseas Move

Moving to a new country is one of the most challenging types of moves a family could ever make, but there are ways to make this transition easier and smoother. The best way to do this is to hire a global moving company. They will help you with the legalities and tasks associated with the move, and this will give you more time to focus on all of the issues you must handle yourself. Here are some of the tasks you will have to handle yourself, and each of these is important for an overseas move.

Rent Storage Space

If you are planning on moving to a different country for only a limited amount of time, you probably shouldn't move all your things there. Moving everything you own to this new land would be wise if you were planning on staying there for the rest of your life, but if you plan on moving back in three to five years, it might be better to leave some things behind.

The global moving company you hire for assistance can set you up with storage space, and they may even be able to give you a checklist to help you decide what to leave behind in the unit. As you decide what you will pack, you should make sure you include:

  • Clothing
  • Family photos
  • Personal items and toiletries
  • Kitchen supplies
  • Basic furniture items
  • Bedding and linens
  • Important documents

By leaving the rest of your things in storage, you will have less to move, and this will help you save money. When you arrive at your new location, you could always purchase any of the items that you really need for your new home.

Legal Issues To Work On

Moving to a new country is challenging in many ways, but having a global moving company helping you will make this easier. While they are making arrangements for shipping your belongings, you can focus on all of the legal issues that must be completed before the move. This can include the following tasks:

Driver's License

When you arrive in a new country, you will most likely need to get a new driver's license. Most countries do not recognize U.S. driver's licenses, and you will need to find out the procedures required for getting one in the country you are moving to.


Insurance is another important need you will have when you move. You will have to find out what types of insurance policies you will need, and you must find out how to purchase these policies.


If you already have a house or apartment lined up, you may need to contact the utility companies to make sure the services are turned on when you get there. This can include gas, electric, water, sewer, phone, and TV services.


Some of the tasks you will have to do must be completed several months before you move, and getting a passport is one of these things. It takes around four to six weeks to get a passport, and you will need to make sure every family member has a valid passport before the move.


Researching necessary vaccinations for your new country is also something you should look into months before you move. Every country has different rules relating to vaccinations, and this is because of the differences in health risks in each area. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is responsible for offering this information, and their website offers up-to-date details about this.

Change of Address

One other thing you will have to take care of is your mail. Notifying the post office of your address change is important, and you should do this at least a week before you move.

By hiring a company such as Hollander Storage & Moving to move your things and handle the paperwork for customs, you will have more time to focus on the other tasks that you must do before moving to a new country. If you haven't hired a global moving company yet, you should make sure you do this soon.